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I am a software craftsman with a passion for clean code and continuous learning.

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During my stay at [javazone][1] I had a look at my feed list, unread bookmarks and twitter stream. And I was lost.

What I saw was over 1000 unread bookmarks, more than 20 already selected unread bookmarks and finally a handful of premature ideas what I would like to code. I was really annoyed because I spending more time on consuming instead of creating things.

I decided to try out some technics in order to get a grip on the information overload:

Reducing reading list

I drastically delete my list of feeds as much as possible. Just really important feeds will survive.

Same applies to twitter. I need to reduce the constant twitter noise in order to select the information I really would like to have.

I canceled facebook and g+. DonĀ“t need that anymore.

Reducing the information channels

Until now I get informations over feeds, twitter, g+, email and pinboard which are definitely to many channels. I will try to find as less information channels as possible.

Defining interest themes

With curiosity a lot of interesting themes will appear. I am not able to have a look at those at the same time and I constantly struggled with the cost of context switching.

I will reduce my WIP limit and define a time period where I just focus on one topic really intense. Just one. No feeds or other topics.