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I am a software craftsman with a passion for clean code and continuous learning.

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The Softwerkskammer Lübeck had it´s very first meeting at Chaotikum in Lübeck!

Softwerkskammer Lübeck

The “Softwerkskammer” is a community of people who like the idea of software craftsmanship and since there was no such community in Lübeck, I started a new one.

The feedback was overwhelming. Personally I had no big expectations for the first time, but around 20 interested participants was a wonderful start!

I started with a small presentation about the core principles of the Softwerkskammer and a short introduction about myself.

I also prepared an introduction into Test Driven Development, but we changed that a bit to give everyone a chance to introduce themselves. In the end I performed a small prepared kata with Hannes. (thx for that!)

We had inspiring discussions and I did my first steps in Smalltalk. :-)

Softwerkskammer Lübeck

Especially our first location, the chaotikum, was great. It´s located in the centre of Lübeck and a really creative hackspace.

Looking forward for the next meeting in 2015!