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Thilko Richter

I am a software craftsman with a passion for clean code and continuous learning.

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Important to know about me

Since 2000 I develop software with passion in various companies. I believe in the values of the software craftsmanship. I love TDD, agile and lean principles, simplicity and producing value early.
I believe that continuous life-long learning + improving and curiosity are the most important skills of a craftsman and I try to implement it for me with dojos, katas, conferences and collaborating. I had my first conference talk at the JavaZone.

We as software craftsman need networks where we can collaborate, exchange ideas, share knowledge and improve our skills together. Since I believe in the power of those networks I founded the Softwerkskammer Lübeck, a place where developer from Lübeck and around can meet.
I practice Dacascos Kung Fu and live with my family in Lübeck. Currently I work for ELEMENT as a software developer.

… less important, but interesting to know

Most of my time I worked with java(which I not always enjoyed). I had some good years with ruby and ruby on rails and currently I use groovy for testing(which I enjoy) applications written in Java.

I studied economic engineering and finished it with a diploma in 2003.

Companies I have worked for: