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I am a software craftsman with a passion for clean code and continuous learning.

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Sketchnote Icons

For my sketchnote courses I prepared some cheat sheets. Have a look!


The Perfect Team

Today we had another monthly open space meeting at Draeger - this time with the topics team collaboration and mechanics.

Rework Your IT to Scale Agile

Last week I skipped the meetup of the Softwerkskammer Lübeck and went to ThoughtWorks in Hamburg to see Sriram Narayan with “Rework your IT to Scale Agile”



A sketchnote about my activities in the last months of 2015.

SoCraTes 2015

This year I have been on my first SoCraTes! It was also my first unconference and a great experience I would like to share here.

XTend and XText at Softwerkskammer

On our 6th meetup of the softwerkskammer Lübeck we were lucky to have Sven Efftinge as our guest. He is the project lead for XText, organisator of the Nordic...

Black Belt Leadership

TLDR; Another blog post not containing any source code, but since leadership was a really important topic for me in the last time, I decided to publish it an...


My year 2014

2014 is nearly over, 2015 is around the corner. Time for a short retrospective.

The true nature of agile

In the last couple of months I worked hard to get a grip on “what agile really means”. What does it mean for my work as developer and for my surrounding in a...

Put more gems into maven

Recently I was brave enough to publish an artifact to the central maven repository. I didn´t know anything in the beginning and since I knew the process with...

Generate your api doc with gradle

A good documentation is essential for your (public) api and makes it pleasant to use. But maintaining api documentation manually is hard, tedious and error p...


Global day of code retreat 2013

On 14th of december we had a great code retreat in Luebeck! Luebeck was one of more than 165 cities that were celebrating the global day of code retreat. Hel...

Questions for the passionate developer

We are developers. Maybe passionate developers. Sometimes it´s worth to step back and ask yourself questions. Questions to check if you are on the right trac...

Introducing TDD

TDD is nothing new. Kent Beck presented his book 2002, long before scrum and agile become mainstream. Although nothing really new and proved as increasing s...

Stand the test of time

Sooner or later you will get to the point that have to test time base conditions in your application.

Why deleting code is important

On my last day at blau I got a nice little tag because I was member of team “delme”. Originally “delme” was a prefix for database columns that will be delete...


ActiveRecord is an antipattern

Recently I read a very good book about SQL Antipatterns. What I did expected was a whole bunch of good advices about how to write bad sql and how to avoid it...

Raspberry in Salzteig

Habe mir mal das Gehäuse für meinen Raspberry Pi gebacken. War gar nicht so schwer.

Pinboard Extension für Chrome

Nun bin ich auch unter die Chromenutzer gegangen. Da müssen auch einige Plugins mitwandern und dazu gehört - als Pinboard Nutzer - auch die entsprechende Erw...